From satisfied customers

“We have had good moisture right from seeding to date – but as far as uniformity from emergence to where they are now – couldn’t be more impressed.”

Josh Woitas, Beaubier, SK

“We see the benefits of using a stripper header along with disc drills, in both yield potential and soil health. Our K-Hart disc drill is better built, has less maintenance, and does a better seeding job than competitor disc drills.“

Gene Andreas, Cabri, SK

“K-Hart Industries is a receptive company who uses their own products in their own farming operation thus understanding all aspects of the K-Hart products. Very helpful with technical support due to their hands on experience. The new model 8612 disc opener has less hair pinning than other disc drills.”

Rick Goodwin, McCord, SK

“We bought a combine stripper header and needed a disc drill. We own a K-Hart disc drill because of the simplicity and low maintenance. Seed placement is outstanding.”

Mitch Aver, Broadview Montana, USA

“I have ran a K-Hart Industries drill for 3 years. The disc drill allows me to run an inexpensive low horse tractor while pulling 56 feet of drill. It allows me to seed 20% faster compared to other independent opener drills. I also have been pleased by the minimal amount of maintenance needed with the K-Hart disc drill. I feel that these advantages allow me to produce more work with less capital and resources. Finally I have been very happy with the exceptional seed placement and seed to soil contact this drill provides in lentil, canola and cereals.”

Jodi MacDonald, Rosetown, Saskatchewan

“K-Hart disc drills are easy to maintain along with substantially lower operating cost versus other disc drills on the market. That is one of many reasons I’ve used a K-Hart for the last several years.”

Robert Ellis, Elrose, Saskatchewan