Model 3612

Simple. Efficient. Tough.

Model 3612 is a simple specifically designed double disc no-till openers which rotate on a 1 inch chrome shaft located in the mount cap for tripping when obstacles are encountered, having up to 12” of obstacle clearance. A minimum of 80 lbs. to a maximum of 550 lbs. of force can be set for blade down pressure ensuring that you have a wide range of pressure settings for varying soil conditions.

When it works so well, why change? Model 3612s offer the exact same blade configurations, benefits and options as Model 4612 and Model 8612.

We now offer the deluxe packer from our 4612 series for our Model 3612. A variety of packer wheels are available.

You just can’t find a simpler, yet more effective, direct seeding disc opener on the market.




Available options:

  • All opener models can be fitted with K-Hart’s optional residue managers. No other residue manager on the market offers all of the following features: adjustable blade angles, an exclusive adjustable spring for different down pressures and a lock-up tab when the residue manager is not required. It also has a proven bearing system that will outperform most bearing systems, giving years of trouble-free operation. Our steel residue manager blades are made with special wear-resistant material for exceptional durability. The exclusive K-Hart trip assembly helps eliminate damage when tripping over rocks allowing up to 10” of trip travel.
  • All models can be equipped with optional mud scrapers for cleaning between the discs.
  • All models can be equipped with our many different packer profiles.
  • All models can be equipped with K-Hart fertilizer banders when mounted on a K-Hart toolbar.

Disc Bearings

(One of K-Hart's best-kept secrets that we are now letting you in on!)

While many competitors' drills use light 204 or 205 series disc bearings which lack axial and thrust support, K-Hart uses a bearing specifically design for tough and dirty seeding conditions. Our 5206 series bearings offers a sealed double row ball, triple lip seal that surpasses any other disc bearing on the market for reliable long term performance.

Packer wheel options:

Open any one of the various packers we offer and see a front and side view


Packer - flat


Packer - v-tread

Double Rib

Packer - double rib

Single Rib

Packer - single rib

Available Sizes (all sizes in inches):
2 x 13 2 x 14 3 x 13 2 x 13
3 x 13 3 x 13   3 x 13
3 x 16 4 x 14    
4 x 12      
3.5 x 14      
4 x 16      

Model 3612 Specifications

  • Will fit frame size of 4″x4″ or 4″x6″ tubing
  • Weight 135 pounds
  • 16″ or 17″ disc