Ultra Low Soil Disturbance, Superior Seed Placement

The undercut design provides a low disturbance seed trench where the seed is dropped and the soil gently closes over the seedbed before it is packed by the packer wheel. The angled seed trench prevents seed bounce and keeps the moisture in the seedbed. Model 8600 Series Gent offers the best seed-to-soil contact than any other disc opener on the market!

Model 8600 Series Gent is a patented undercut disc technology. The undercut design slices through heavy residue and achieves better soil to seed contact. Our durable and reliable openers are faster, more efficient and ready to work as hard as you!

K-Hart Spyder Drill

Undercut Technology

Lead angled 17″ disc with offset 14.5″ opener disc practically eliminates hairpinning.

Ultra Low Soil Disturbance, Superior Seed Placement

Pivoting Disc Mount

Our unique pivoting disc mount allows the disc to follow the path of least resistance, which equals less horsepower and ultra low soil disturbance.


Cam stop depth adjustment

K-Hart standard cam stop depth adjustment for seed depth in 1/4” increments for a range of 3”

Down Pressure Adjustment

New with the 9620 the down pressure spring adjustment is moved to the top of the opener for easier adjustment.

Heavy Duty Bearings

Many competitors’ drills use light 204 or 205 series disc bearings that lack axial and thrust support. K-Hart uses a bearing specifically designed for tough and dirty seeding conditions. Our 5206 series bearings offer a sealed double-row ball and triple lip seal that surpasses any other disc bearing on the market for reliable, long-term performance.

Parallel Linkage

Spring-loaded parallel linkage arms ensure that the disc openers stay in the ground like they are supposed to.

Model 8612 specifications:

  • Mount for 4″ x 4″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, and 7″x 7″ tubing
  • Weight 165 pounds
  • Left hand and right hand designs

Packer wheel options:

Open any one of the various packers we offer and see a front and side view


Packer - flat


Packer - v-tread

Double Rib

Packer - double rib

Single Rib

Packer - single rib

Available Sizes (all sizes in inches):
2 x 13 2 x 14 3 x 13 2 x 13
3 x 13 3 x 13   3 x 13
3 x 16 4 x 14    
4 x 12      
3.5 x 14      
4 x 16      

More Action Video

8612 with parallel spring-loaded down pressure linkage

8612 disc openers in action

Model 8612 Gent undercut technology at its finest. Virtually no straw pinning in this heavy corn residue field.

Lifting and lowering disc openers and banders on our patented linkage system.

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