Coulters/Fertilizer Bander Assemblies

Heaviest Built on the Market.

If you are looking for one of the heaviest built coulters on the market – that will mount on your cultivator or air drill for cutting the heaviest of residue, we have them!

If you are looking for a coulter fertilizer bander for placing fertilizer between seed row spacings, we have it! Also, if you are a fertilizer dealer or a customer looking for coulters to mount on a K-Hart two row frame for deep banding fertilizer, or top dressing in standing crops, we have them! Read further and check out all our specifications and realize why more farmers are using K‑Hart coulters.

The simplest, most powerful coulter with the fewest moving parts. The heavy build of the K‑Hart coulters allow you to have up to 1500 lbs. of residue slicing power. They also feature a unique linkage system that acts similar to parallel linkage. When an obstruction is encountered and the blade raises out of the soil the fertilizer attachment stays in the ground and continues dispensing fertilizer at the same depth. A wide range of blades are available as well as attachments for placing granular, liquid (clear or suspension), anhydrous ammonia fertilizers.

Model 1600

Used for cutting residue either as a medium vertical tillage or installed on airdrill/airseeders  to eliminate plugging issues.

Model 1601

Shown with NH3 or clear liquid fertilizer attachment using a 5/8″ x 18″ coil tyne.

Model 1602

Shown with granular or liquid suspension fertilizer attachment using 5/8″ x 18″ coil tyne.

Model 1603

Shown with high pressure liquid attachment. Adjustable nozzle angles and nozzle heights. So simple.

Model 1620

Model 1620 coulter is a double coulter with blade spacings from 8″ – 12″

Model 1704

Model 1704 is the only heavy duty double disc fertilizer bander on the market today. It has exceptional performance with lower disturbance than single blade coulters. It’s designed to still offer 30 degree swivel along with a spring cushion to protect against foreign obstacles. Model 1704 have up to 1500 lbs down pressure. Optional mud scrapers and whiskers ensure Model 1704 work to peak performance. Our world renown special 5206 bearing design give years of trouble free service.


Blade Options: 17”   50 convolution ½” x 5” bolt pattern
20” 60 convolution ½” x 5” bolt pattern
18” flat ½” x 5” bolt pattern
20” flat ½” x 5” bolt pattern

Weight of Coulter

Model 1600 124 lbs.
Model 1601-1603 144 lbs.
Model 1704 140 lbs.

Color: Gloss Black
Mounting Bracket: Standard for 4” or 6” tubing
Other sizes on request

Model 1603 liquid coulters for injecting into standing crops.
A K-Hart 42′ Coulter Bar using model 1603 coulters. Shown without liquid tanks.