Company Profile

With honesty and integrity, K‑Hart Industries Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest quality agricultural equipment designed specifically for today’s environmentally conscious farmer.

Our Philosophy:

  • Understand our customer’s unique needs and provide solutions via quality equipment and advice
  • Build the best direct seeding equipment in the market
  • Maintain high ethical standards
  • Manufacture and market reasonably priced farm equipment

We are located in Elrose, Saskatchewan Canada.

K-Hart Industries began manufacturing in 1988, incorporating in 1992 as a division of Hartman Farms Ltd. and was first known for its shank mount packers and frame mount on‑row packers which have been mounted on Flexi‑Coil, Case, John Deere, Great Plains, Morris and Bourgault cultivators. By installing packers on the back of cultivators, K‑Hart gave farmers an inexpensive alternative for direct seeding rather than the large investment in an air drill. Our packer system has a unique packer design with one of the largest selections of packer wheels of any manufacturer.

We introduced coulters and fertilizer banders to the K‑Hart product line in 1994. K‑Hart recognized the fact that with knife openers on zero-till air drills, there was only a limited amount of fertilizer that could be placed with the seed and with our coulters and fertilizer banders, additional fertilizer could be placed safely, well away from the seed.

In 1995, K-Hart Industries began manufacturing our own direct seeding disc openers. Now, K‑Hart has three different disc units to convert existing equipment to a disc air drill or with K‑Hart 2-row frame, we can custom design your air drill – installing any of the K‑Hart disc models for a complete zero‑till air drill at a reasonable price. Our frame sizes range from 34 feet to 76 feet wide. Over the years, our disc units have earned a reputation as one of the heaviest built on the market today.

Over the past decades in business, we have expanded our product market to include Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

K-Hart Industries map
Over the past decades in business, we have expanded our product market to include Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

We feel our years of experience in the family farm operation, Hartman Farms Ltd., gives K‑Hart an edge in knowing what farmers are looking for in sturdy and durable farm equipment. The equipment is tested rigorously to ensure that it meets the high standards necessary to compete in today’s marketplace.

Our vision is to continually meet the needs of today’s productive breed of farmer with quality products. K‑HART INDUSTRIES LTD. is delighted to present our line of products to you in this website. Check out our K‑HART COULTERS, DISC OPENERS, MOUNTED AIR SEEDER PACKERS, DISC AIR DRILLS and SOIL FURROW CLOSERS.

K‑Hart Industries reserves the right to change any specifications without notice.

Management Team

Ken Parson
Chief Executive Officer

Kim Hartman

Arvinder Jabal
Vice President, Engineering

Engineering Team

Russ Lyons - K-Hart Industries

Russ Lyons
Engineering Consultant

Ryan Thomson - K-Hart Industries

Ryan Thomson
Design Engineer