K-Hart Raptor

New for 2023!

Introducing the K‑Hart Raptor stripper header!

This efficient, high-speed design features a rotor with rows of fingers that strip the grain from the crop leaving the stem standing in the field.

Process the grain – not the straw! Save wear and tear on your combine while harvesting more grain, faster!

Harvest Faster

Harvest up to 50% faster – saving expensive hours on your combine.

Lower Fuel Cost

Save up to 50% on your combine’s fuel bill.

Made in Canada

The Raptor is designed and manufactured in Manitoba, Canada.

Raptor Stripper Header

Harvest Earlier in the Year

Start harvesting when the grain is ready – not the straw.

Raptor Stripper Header

Greatly Increase Snow Trapping

The standing straw that the Raptor leaves behind traps more snow, which profides extra moisture for next year’s crop – resulting in greater yields.

Raptor Stripper Header

Recover Lodged Crops

The stripping rotor will lift lodged crops and efficiently harvest the grain.


K-Hart Raptor
K-Hart Raptor

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