Agtron Electronics

K-Hart Industries is the largest dealer of Agtron electronics and supplies Agtron blockage monitors for all makes of air seeders.


Air Drill Rate and Blockage Monitors

The Legend Sensors

One in six sizes and install in-line. The 1mm thickness steel seed tube provides maximum strength while infrared detectors provide no-contact seed detection.

The Legend Basic

THE LEGEND BASIC monitors up to 240 seed and fertilizer runs confirming seed rates and finding blocked runs. Easy installation with one module required. Easy installation with only two steps. Use with ISOBUS VT’s and Android tablets.

The Legend Advanced

THE LEGEND ADVANCED monitors 240 seed and fertilizer runs and six tank delivery sensors (For Bourgault) section awareness for the latest VRT technology. Works with ISOBUS VT’s and Android tablets

Agtron Quick Start Video