Furrow Closer

It’s simple and it works

The K-Hart furrow closer was developed specifically to alleviate the problem of uneven soil placement overtop of the seed rows on the back row of the air drills or cultivator. When using direct seeding equipment, especially double shoot openers, soil is thrown out of the seed trench far enough that it does not flow back in properly. The furrow closer redirects soil back over the seed helping to prevent drying out of the seedbed.

If ever there was an attachment for air drills and air seeders that should be considered standard equipment, this is it. K-Hart furrow closers do a fantastic job of covering up the ridges left in the back row. Whether soil conditions are wet or dry, it doesn’t hamper the operations of the furrow closer.

Primarily used on the back row of shank assemblies on cultivator air seeders and air drills, furrow closers are also used where the tractor creates compaction problems and the soil does not flow overtop of the seed row.

Why only one blade instead of two? Using two blades placed near the knife opener was designed to catch and deflect soil, however, it can also create plugging and straw flow problems because of the space between the blades and seed opener. K-Hart has perfected the one blade design and believes with one blade, efficient soil management is achievable and equivalent to the job of two blades. Furthermore, in most soil conditions, the K-Hart furrow closer works even better than two blade closer. The two blade system is also more costly to purchase and to maintain due to the duplicate blades and bearing system.


  • More even crop emergence by having more even soil coverage over each seed row. This is a very important benefit at harvest time, eliminating the problem of green steaks in the crop.
  • Helps to fill in trenches on the surface of your soil, finishing fields are smoother. Saves on future equipment repair bills.
  • An exclusive K-Hart trip assembly helping to eliminate closer damage when tripping over rocks. Up to 10″ of trip travel.

Features & Specifications:

  • An adjustable angle blade.
  • Blades built with special wear-resistant material providing extreme durability.
  • Polyurethane bushings in trip assembly.
  • A proven bearing design to give years of maintenance-free use: Bearing systems: double row ball assembly.
  • Optional smooth blades.
  • Weight 22lbs.
  • Color: gloss black.

Because of the immediate difference in your seeding practices when using K-Hart furrow closers, you will be able to harvest the benefits from your investment. See for yourself how well they work!