Pitbull Conveyor

Introducing the Pitbull conveyor! The new K-Hart high speed trailer conveyor.


  • Light weight Aluminum Construction
  • Hydraulic driven 24″ conveyor belt with 8500 bu/hr capacity; gentle on all types of seed.
  • Adjustable conveyor belt speed with on/off valve.
  • Can keep up with a 13″ auger at harvest.
  • Control conveyor height with air valve, air cylinders lift conveyor control conveyor height and lift to transport, no force required.
  • I-Beam rail and pivot system allows conveyor to be positioned anywhere.
  • Removable adjustable discharge chute.
  • Retractable heavy duty hopper.
  • Conveyor stores between hoppers and above gates for transport.
  • Driver side spring loaded transport lock.
  • Fits most trailers, Super-B’s, Tandems and Tridems
  • Easily removable, 5 minutes to take off and on.
  • 15gpm hydraulic supply required.

See it in Action!